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FOSKA OATS is manufactured in Jamaica by Caribbean Foods Ltd since 1966. Made from sun-ripened pure rolled oats, Foska Oats is a tasty, well-balanced food for the entire family. Available in (3) sizes 225g, 400g & 800g. 

Foska Oats is versatile and cooks in less than one (1) minute to create a delicious oats porridge. Have it cold with milk or include it in other mouth-watering recipes from cookies and muffins, to delicious shakes. Any time of day! In addition, Foska has recently added a new product to its line; the Foska Oatmeal Instant Porridge which is perfect for persons on-the-go.



With Foska Oats you’re well on your way to healthier living. Check out these facts on Oats:

  • Helps to lower your cholesterol
  • Regulates your blood sugar, reduces blood pressure, reduces your chances of getting certain cancers and act as an effective laxative.
  • Soluble fibre from oatmeal, as a part of a low-saturated, low-cholesterol diet, may even reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Provides vitamins and minerals
  • Rich source of carbohydrates, the fuel of energy.
  • Well-balanced protein and essential fatty acids

Need Energy? Have Oats

Having energy sustained through the morning may be another benefit of making oats a regular part of a daily diet. Having a meal or drink made of oats at least 45 minutes before a physical work out also helps athletes.Foska Oats is a great meal option for you as it is a good source of carbohydrates which provides calories for energy needs.

Diabetes and Oats

While diet is just one of several factors which can affect diabetes, emerging studies suggests that the consumption of whole grain foods, like oatmeal, on a regular basis may contribute towards a reduced risk for Type 2 (adult onset) Diabetes. Yale researchers found that eating a large bowl of oatmeal may improve the harmful reduction in blood flow that may happen after eating a high-fat meal.

The key to a healthy balanced life is to eat right, exercise, manage mental health, and keep informed.

Listen to the Foska Oats Radio jingle here:Foska Oats - The Healthy Way Everyday.

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