Preferred Popcorn is a company in Illinois specializing in bulk and microwave popcorn.   The producer-owned company grows and processes premium popcorn, both bulk and for microwave popcorn, for individual consumers, stores, and theaters around the world.  Preferred popcorn is available in 5 flavours – Cheese, Natural, Extra Butter, Butter and Jalapeno. Chas. E. Ramson Ltd has been the distributor since April 2008.

Our Extra Butter Flavour microwave popcorn has all the flavour of movie theatre popcorn with fewer calories.  Sit down with your favourite DVD and our delicious Extra Butter popcorn; you are sure to have an evening that everyone will enjoy! 


If you love delicious buttery popcorn, try our butter flavour.  It has wonderful, buttery flavour without the mess!  Our wonderfully crisp popcorn with tender kernels has been seasoned with a one of a kind butter flavoured recipe.  You will think you are eating popcorn smothered with real farm butter, but your hands won't feel greasy!  All the delicious taste, without the mess--now that is a great bag of microwave popcorn!


Our delicious microwave popcorn is now bursting with the taste of real cheese.  Cheese lovers delight in this flavour with its wonderful texture. Just pop it in the microwave and enjoy!  The quality of the key ingredient, Preferred Popcorn, insures that the taste is the best out there.  There are no messy packets of flavouring to add to this microwavable treat.   The flavour is already in the bag!  For a special treat, mix with a spicy bag of Jalapeno.


We have combined spicy peppers and fresh popcorn to create a microwave snack with a kick-- jalapeño flavoured microwave popcorn!  This unique microwave snack satisfies everyone that enjoys popcorn and spicy food.   One option is to pop a bag of our cheese flavour microwave popcorn and mix the two together. WOW!


Our special light seasoning enhances the already delicious natural popcorn flavour.  This variety will please even the most discriminating palate.  Made from all natural ingredients, this concoction has been created for the popcorn connoisseur who desires a natural taste.  



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