Eva, the natural taste of fresh fruit with fine bubbles, for alcohol-free toasting.   

Eva sparkling juices were first manufactured in Spain in the 90’s and has been distributed by Chas. E. Ramson Ltd. since 1996.

Features of Eva 
·         Nine exciting flavours
·         100% Natural fruit Juice
·         Non-alcoholic
·         No preservatives
·         No sugar or sweetening agent added
·         Sparkling juice
·         Packed in champagne type bottle
·         Wine substitute
Feature of each Flavour
1.      Peach 100% juice with peach aroma, sweet and stimulating
2.      Red grape  All the perfume and intensity of grapes in a 100% alcohol-free juice
3.      White grape  Perfect for unique and elegant toasting
4.      Apple  Fresh and slightly acid for natural and healthy toasting
5.      Pineapple  The essence of this tropical fruit in a 100% alcohol-free juice full of nuances and fresh sensations.
6.      Muscat  Refined aromas of muscatel grape in magical bubbles
7.      Pomegranate  All its antioxidant benefits and properties in your glass
8.      Raspberry  100% juice with sweet and fruity tones to delight the kids
9.      Cranberry  All the antioxidant benefits and vitamins of the fruits


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