Easispice Manufacturers Limited, a family run business, was born in the mid 1960’s out of a vision by the founder, the late Karam S. Josephs, of creating a line of seasonings to simplify the day to day household cooking chores of people on the go.

 It all started from humble beginnings, utilizing manual packaging and clothes irons for sealing, within the confines of a very limited working space. Presently, under the guidance of Mrs. Carmen Ramson-Josephs, and her son Peter Ramson, the business has expanded significantly utilizing some 8100 sq ft of factory space with automatic packaging and processing machinery, facilitating efficient production.

 A wide range of seasonings and spices are available, all catering to the truly Jamaican palate and are marketed and distributed by Chas. E. Ramson Ltd.



Our Products

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Chas. E. Ramson Ltd. provides Jamaicans with a wide assortment of high quality, international and local brands.