Kisko/ Mott's/ Welch's

Kisko Kids: The perfect fit for your little ones but also a big hit with grownups. They are offered in 6 mouth-watering flavours; Pineapple Punch, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Cream Soda and Orange Creme.


Kisko - No Sugar Added: With Kisko No Sugar Added Freezies you don't have to give up taste when you give up sugar! These tasty freeze pops deliver a burst of delectable fruit with every scrumptious bite. Available in 4 tantalizing flavours: lemon lime, strawberry banana, fiesta punch and blue raspberry. Kisko No Sugar Added Freezies-  a better pick for anyone watching sugar levels or looking for a healthier alternative.


Nice N' Juicy Freezies: Experience the burst of tropical goodness with each bite, these freezies are definitely NICE and JUICY. Offered in 4 unique tropical flavours; Very Berry, Orange Passion, Key Misty Lime and Siesta Tropical Punch.


Kisko/Crush Combo Pack: There are 40 giant sized freeze pops in this case. The flavour combination consists of 4 KISKO flavours, (berry blast, blue raspberry, pineapple, orange cream) and 3 CRUSH flavours, (lime, grape and cream soda). This magnificent mix of flavours offers a great assortment to choose from.


Mott's Fruitsations Ice Bars: They're healthy, delicious and nutritious with no preservatives, it's no wonder moms love them. They are offered in 3 delicious mouth-watering flavours; Country Apple , Berry Delight, and Summer Strawberry.


The Welch's Ice Bars: The Welches Ice Bars are all natural juice freeze pops, yet another healthy snack alternative. They are offered in 3 sensational flavours; concord grape, white grape with natural cherry flavour and white grape with natural tropical flavour. 




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