Taste the new range of FAN juice – and “be a fan of real juice!”





The producers of FAN, have been making delicious, natural fruit juices for over 40 years. With production facilities on the Morfou plain next to the biggest citrus growing area in Cyprus, the company has grown from a small local supplier of canned fruits into a global manufacturer with a reputation as one of Europe’s most efficient and reliable juice processors. FAN, is exported to more than 80 countries around the world, including the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas.FAN is  an exclusive range of natural fruit juices, nectars, juice concentrates or related products that are specially made to suit our client’s individual needs.  The quality of these products is renowned, and the proof of their popularity can be seen in countries like healthconscious Sweden where consumer demand has made FAN number one for many years.


Fan fruit juices are 100% pure, with no additives. Produced from selected concentrates that are naturally derived from the finest quality fruits by our local and international suppliers. We offer a delicious range of Pure Fruit Juices such as; Red Grape & Apple also Nectars such as; Guava, Mango & Tropical that are sold and enjoyed islandwide.   


FAN fruit juices are packed in SQ Prisma aseptic packages TetraPak 1Liter and 250ml Slim pack. TetraPak’s aseptic technology and advanced packaging procedures ensure that FAN juices are maintained fresh and safe for consumption for at least one year.



Our Products

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